An Homage to Constance Parriott

My dear friend of 39 years, Connie Parriott passed away last week after a courageous battle with cancer.  She was an inspiration to me, a wonderful artist and a true friend.  She was also an amazing cook, creative and spontaneous and could literally feed a crowd with little effort and much imagination.  A true foodie, she was willing to try anything, and she loved create new dishes.  I will always remember her cooking.  One night not too many years ago, she called me and said, “I am making oxtail soup, come on over and try some.”  I never found out where she found an oxtail in Seattle and I wasn’t able to get over to her kitchen and try this soup, something I will always regret.

Connie also loved Georgetown, my adopted Seattle neighborhood.  She was generous and kind about introducing me to her friends in the Hood.  We both agreed that more than any other neighborhood in Seattle, Georgetown felt like home.  Her presence in the neighborhood will be sorely missed.

Every year at the artist cooperative where I live and work in Seattle, Connie participated in our Open Studios.  Below is an example of a series of paintings she did a few years ago for the Open Studios.  She was a humble artist, never seeking recognition, she just painted.  In our youth, when we first met, I knew I had met a real artist.  I will continue to add posts about her painting and her cooking and her gardening.  She was truly gifted in all three of these areas.  May you rest in peace, dear Connie, free of pain at last.  A hole is left in our lives that can never be filled.

connie painting

10 thoughts on “An Homage to Constance Parriott

  1. john de wit

    Ik ook zijn verslikken met emotie . I am also choked with emotion.

    But I was heartened by the friends that I saw in the backyard a week ago. Quite a fabric. Nice to read your blog. Love, John de Wit

  2. gale

    Janet, Thank you for sharing your memories with Connie.
    We do miss her and will enjoy hearing more from you.

    Our love spreads far and wide to Connie’s daughters who will appreciate
    hearing stories of their amazing mom.

  3. Jana Sorsen

    Janet, I thank you also for writing this. I just found out tonight. Eric called me. I played a song on the juke box in honor of Connie, Rainbow, by the Rolling Stones. Don’t know if I ever heard the song before….but the title seemed fitting! I miss her….And you too!

  4. Isabel Lindberg Campbell

    What a beautiful tribute to a lovely woman. I was one of a few that grew up with Connie in Lakewood. She was always the optimist and had the most infectious laugh. Several of us from Lakewood got together in Seattle for a lunch on the water. It was the first time I had seen Connie since about 1971. She looked just as she did as a young woman. I am so sorry to hear of her passing, but all your beautiful comments let me know how wonderful of an adult life that she had.

  5. Carla Torgerson

    I’m happy that you had had a wonderful friend in Connie for so many years. I too, treasure the time spent with her. From now on, maybe you and I can spend more time together! After returning from Grant’s wonderful birthday party, I learned that my sister-in-laws’ sister lost her battle with cancer at 4:00 AM on Saturday. I just can’t imagine losing one of my sisters. Anyway, see you soon! Maybe tonight for the Michael Shrieve band at The White Rabbit. love, Carla

  6. sheila Coppola

    Hi Janet,
    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful words and thoughts and memories of Connie. She was dear, kind and funny as well as being so talented in all the areas you mentioned. I have many wonderful memories spent with her around the press inking table, I just had no idea they would be all I would left of her so soon in my life. If that makes sense. I feel terrible remorse that I wasn’t able to let her know better. So I am trying to be better about spending time with those I love and letting them know how I feel. I dedicate those efforts to my dear friend and comrade in arms, Constance Parriott.

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