April Surgent’s Pinholes

April Surgent is a glass artist who went to Antarctica on an artist grant with 20 pinhole cameras.  She worked there for several weeks, making many creative and unusual pinhole photographs using cameras that had two or more pinholes.  Tonight, a show including these images opens at Traver Gallery in Seattle.  She made several of the images into engravings and the result is beautiful.  I just uploaded 59 of her original pinhole images to the Pinhole Archive.  Take a look at the images in the Pinhole  archive (http://www.janetneuhauser.com/thepinholeprojectgallery/) and then stop at Traver Gallery(http://www.travergallery.com/gallery_artist_details/April-Surgent.aspx) and see the show.  She has taken the Pinhole Project to new heights.

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