Yachats, OR


I have always been enamored with the unexpected in photography.  My long time mentor, Judy Seigel,  called her style of photography  crooked.  Not sure that she coined the phrase crooked photography  but she loved the idea behind it  and said it was what united us, what made her my mentor.  As most people know, I am primarily a pinhole photographer with film these days.  I love the fact that you never know exactly what might happen when combining those two elements in photography.  I am not a great technician.  I love photography because it is so forgiving, so malleable.  I double expose sheets of film without realizing I have and then love the double exposure way more than anything else from that shoot.  I expose for a  long time and rarely keep track of the time that has elapsed.  I expose until it feels right.  I equate this lack of technical ability to an childhood bout with dyslexia, my own early sense that I was different and that I wanted to make art somehow. I realized that I  see differently because of my one sloppy eye;  that my sense of depth is distorted.  Most importantly though is that crooked photography keeps me in touch with my Innards.  That deep down feeling of yes that comes from the gut, outside the brain, close to the heart.  My innards tell  me when  to start and stop the exposure, where to stand, how to print.  I am hoping that my innards will guide me more as I age.

That said, I recently realized recently that I still seek the perfect photograph, as perfect as it can be made with a tiny little hole punched in soft metal.  I have decided to let that ideal of perfection go and stay in touch with what my innards are telling me.  It is with this gut feeling that I present to you a new portfolio which I am naming Innards and has to do primarily with the elongated pinhole moment, the feeling that I get when  standing with the photograph while it is being made for sometimes up to an hour, watching the light and waiting, waiting, waiting for the right time to end the exposure  These images will be posted soon on the portfolio pages of this website.  For now, here is a sampling from the last few years:


Thanksgiving Dinner at Jess’s House, 2017



Lucas and Angie’s Wedding, 2014


katrinas 50th

Katrina’s 50th Birthday Party, 2017


Outside the Coffee Shop, Georgetown Carnival, 2017


Beach party wedding pinholea

The Night Before Rachel’s Wedding, 2016


Featured Image:
Along the Oregon Coast, 2017