Last Summer:  the Pinhole Landscapes and Georgetown at Night

Last Summer: the Pinhole Landscapes and Georgetown at Night

This past weekend two shows  of mine closed and with that a bit of  depression that comes with the end of an exhibit one of which that lasted for 3 months.   I work better with a deadline and these shows gave me that.  While fairly self-motivated, I can  waste an inordinate amount of time, especially if you count socializing as wasting time which it isn’t and it is.  I have come to believe that interaction between the world  and the artist is more important than I once thought.  I have kept myself fairly isolated as an artist and for me the most freeing thing in art has been doing whatever I want photographically. This is possible  especially if isolation becomes a norm.   I could live (and have)  in my cell of a studio in my neighborhood on the edge of society.   I miss a lot of what is happening not because I don’t want to go out but because I get engrossed at home and stay in.  So here’s to a balance.  Quality time with friends;  quality time in the studio.  Attention to work and the world beyond.

This summer was an awakening.  The show at BIMA was up  for three months.  (Women in Photography).  The  pinhole landscapes were well received and even reviewed.  It felt good.  I printed the fall show (Urban) over the summer. I am not sure that I really knew how to print until I did this.  I bought very good paper, did some tests and even took Daniel Gregory’s class at Creative Live (Digital Printing Using Photoshop) I printed almost every day and though it cost some money in ink and paper, it was worth it.  Below are samples of the work from the Urban Show which  will be offered for rock bottom prices at the Sunny Arms Open Studio on Saturday, December 9th from 1:00 to 8:00.  Save the date. Come enjoy the art and the  food and drink and the good company. A lot of studios in our building will be open.  I will also have pinhole cameras available to expose for the Pinhole Project.  Come especially if you missed the BIMA and Gallery 110 exhibits.  Georgetown at Night (2010 to the Present) images were shown during the month of September at Gallery 110 in Seattle. Below are six;  the featured image is part of the portfolio but was not part of the show.  This ongoing project is about two of my loves:  Georgetown and Night Photography.  I have tried night photography with the pinhole in the Leonardo but the DSLR does it better.   I can’t help it.  I love the architecture at night and the stillness and yes the color.  And I love my neighborhood.

JNeuhauser_Nighttime_07      JNeuhauser_Nighttime_08


JNeuhauser_Nighttime_05        JNeuhauser_Nighttime_06


JNeuhauser_Nighttime_03       JNeuhauser_Nighttime_02