The Pinhole Project Archive Goes Live

After a summer of working on the Archive, getting rid of dust and scratches and the ugly white line made by the scanner, the new and improved Archive of images is alive and well and back up on this website.  Because of the growing size of the Archive, it is linked to a private account.  Unfortunately, I can’t figure out any way to alphabetize the photographs by image maker on the flickr photostream.  If anyone knows how to do that, please let me know!  So bear with me, dear reader, and someday soon, we will have a search box on the Archive so you can find your images easily.  The Project continues to grow!  Right now there are about 100 cameras placed and exposing, scattered far and wide.  I plan on retrieving the two I left in public places in California this past summer sometime in the next few months.  Other people have placed them in their own backyards, along highways and roadsides, under bridges.  Exciting news is that 10 cameras are going in October with glass artist April Surgent to Antarctica, where she will live with the scientists and make art for six weeks.  Can’t wait to see the landscape in Antarctica as recorded through the pinhole.  If you are going anywhere,  exotic or not, take along a pinhole camera.  Someday, the Archive may well a huge variety of places around the world.   We already have the Czech Republic and Hawaii among the collection, as well as many different states from New York to California.  And by the way, the featured image for this post is by painter Nathan Gibbs with an image of his backyard in Southern California.  Thanks Nathan!

Here is the link to the Archive:

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