The Pinhole Project Continues


I am happy to post this solstice to solstice pinhole image done with two cameras outside my front door.  One faced due west, the other due south;  they were placed at right angles to each other.  I put them up on the winter solstice, which was December 21st and took them down on the evening of the summer solstice, June 21st.  They were placed under an overhang, on our little patio, covered from the wind and rain of the Pacific Northwest winter.  About mid-April my neighbor put up the umbrella that covers our summer table.  It is odd that this large umbrella, which sways in the wind, did not register on either of the images.  If you look closely at the left hand image (which faced south) you can see the pinhole camera that is exposing toward the west.  You can also see the domed base of the umbrella stand which was moved only once over the six month period.  The trails of the sun across the sky are, as always, miraculous.  The colors are vibrant and mysterious. The west facing camera, whether it had more heat exposure or not, recorded the some of sun trails  as yellow and much more pinks and magentas were recorded as well. I do not understand why these colors are recording on the black and white enlarging paper.  The negatives expose directly onto the BW enlarging paper, and  are not enhanced in Photoshop after the  scan.  The colors and the light are perhaps my two most favorite  things about this process.  That and the fact that these images are made in simple breath mint cans with pinholes hand drilled  in brass shim stock.  We live in a wonderful age of photography where such a simple image can live in digital media!

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