Connie, outside Georgetown Records

An Homage to Constance Parriott

My dear friend of 39 years, Connie Parriott passed away last week after a courageous battle with cancer.  She was an inspiration to me, a wonderful artist and a true friend.  She was also an amazing cook, creative and spontaneous and could literally feed a crowd with little effort and much imagination.  A true foodie, she was willing to try anything, and she loved create new dishes.  I will always remember her cooking.  One night not too many years ago, she called me and said, “I am making oxtail soup, come on over and try some.”  I never found out where she found an oxtail in Seattle and I wasn’t able to get over to her kitchen and try this soup, something I will always regret.

Connie also loved Georgetown, my adopted Seattle neighborhood.  She was generous and kind about introducing me to her friends in the Hood.  We both agreed that more than any other neighborhood in Seattle, Georgetown felt like home.  Her presence in the neighborhood will be sorely missed.

Every year at the artist cooperative where I live and work in Seattle, Connie participated in our Open Studios.  Below is an example of a series of paintings she did a few years ago for the Open Studios.  She was a humble artist, never seeking recognition, she just painted.  In our youth, when we first met, I knew I had met a real artist.  I will continue to add posts about her painting and her cooking and her gardening.  She was truly gifted in all three of these areas.  May you rest in peace, dear Connie, free of pain at last.  A hole is left in our lives that can never be filled.

connie painting