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As director of the Pinhole Project, I am always looking for new ideas and new cameras with which to make pinhole images for both me and the participants.  Recently, in the past year or so, I have been using two cameras for myself  again and again:  a three hole metal can that is a former Dewar’s Scotch container and a smaller squarish can that is a bit bigger than the Altoid tins but has only one hole.  I have been working on two series of images with these cameras:  the Getaways are images that I expose from a car or truck during a road trip.  I have made several of these;  and love the way they record the sun trails.  The Home series which I have made with the three hole can, are images made within my studio and just outside of it, usually exposed for at least six weeks and they record in triplet a myriad of things both inside and outside the studio.  I have also used a smaller tin and a round tin for these images.  A friend gave me a Solarcan and I made one with that as well.  Since pinhole photography has become something of an obsession with me, I generally have two or three cameras exposing at one time.  When I tire of the look or run out of ideas I will try something different.  In the meantime, I present some of the images to you, first the Getaways and then the Home series.

The Getaways:  All were made from a moving vehicle with the pinhole camera attached either outside the car or on a window facing out.  Exposures are usually about 2 weeks.   The titles are as follows (top to bottom):  To Doe Bay and Back, Oregon Road Trip, To Northern Idaho and Back,  To the Grand Tetons and Back, Top of the World, The Sunny Arms from the Parking Lot, Near Seiku,   The featured image was made on a road trip to Oregon with the camera on the front hood of the car facing b

JanetNeuhauser road trip 01    Janet Neuhauser N_Idaho233    Janet Neuhauser249   Janet NeuhauserTOTW240    Janet Neuhuaser090   janetneuhauser4day0717


Home Series with the 3 hole camera:  First two are of the windows in my studio.  The next two are from the front windows looking out.  The blue image was made with a Solarcan pinhole camera exposed for three weeks.  The next image is of the curtains and the window sill made with a regular one hole camera and the last image is with a round can inside the screen doors entering the studio.


Janet Neuhauser213  JanetNeuhauser128 JNeuhauser Home 3 hole front  JNeuhauser3holehome236   Janet Neuhausersolarcan   Janet Neuhauser201    Janet Neuhauser092


There are many more.  These are just the most recent.  Thanks for looking and if you would like to be a part of the Pinhole Project, go to  The Pinhole Project website and send me an email to join.


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