In honor of G. Lucas Crane on his Wedding Day

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G. Lucas Crane is all grown up.  He is the  son of my dear friends who have been there for me all the way from grade school.  Beyond grown up,  Lucas is in his  thirties:  a musician, performer, artist and all around genius.  And he got married just  this past August.   I have been trying to think of a very special something for him and the lucky woman, Angie. They are just right for each and I am so happy for them.   She is a wonderful addition to the Crane family and I look forward to getting to know her.

Looking through the boxes of prints recently, I realized how many photographs I have made of Lucas over the years.  All have stories.  He has been a great friend, model, subject.  We had lots of fun when he was a cute little kid, with curly blonde hair,  drawing like a madman on scraps of paper. I consider it one of the lucky things in my life:  to watch him grow up!   The feature image of this post is one of him on a rainy day in April in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn in the 1980’s.  He is about six  I think.   This image  hangs in a 911 Center as part of a  1% for the Arts grant I received years ago.   It is also included in  the Kid Pictures portfolio.

In August, I made a pinhole color negative of the Lucas and his bride,  Angie, on the big day and I made another one of them actually getting married.  It was a beautiful wedding in  upstate New York.  I exposed the image of the ceremony for twenty-five minutes, the entire length of the rite.  It is an image about memory and movement and I hope they love it.  I love  the way they moved through out that time in the beautiful grove of trees with flower petals scattered about.    The image of the two of them afterwards is about a two minute exposure. They held still for the exposure, so excited and so relaxed.  Thanks Lucas and Angie.  Here’s to a long and loving relationship!

To find out more about Lucas, go to this page which has a short bio, or google him and listen to some of his music.  He played with the band Woods for a number of years and continues to grow and work as a musician, performer, and all around amazing guy.







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