Long Shot and the Pinhole

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Every year Photo Center NW in Seattle sponsors a fund raiser called Long Shot.  Essentially everyone shoots within the same 24 hour period and a week later a pop show happens with one juried print from everyone who registered and submitted.  It’s a great excuse to shoot even in the throes of life.  This year, Saturday, June 10th, the Long Shot coincided with the Georgetown Carnival where I have manned the Spin Art booth for I don’t know the last ten years….In the midst of spinning records with lots of paint involved I took some pinhole photos.  I used my old Zero 2000 and had it set on the inside for a rectangle view and advanced it as if it were set for a square view.  I got overlap and no frame lines, just as I hoped I would.  They negatives  are dense and grainy and very very colorful.  I  submitted four images to Long Shot (LongShot) of which there are a few versions here.  One was chosen from each person submitting for the pop up show.  The top image on below might be my favorite of the bunch. My shadow, the Spin Art Booth made with  the Zero 2000 on color negative film and it was chosen to be in the show!





Another post on selling photography

As most of you know I fell seven feet from the top of a ladder the other day and broke my hip.  Boy does it ever hurt and recovery is both expensive and slow.  My website manager extraordinaire,  Angela Prosper has convinced me that selling my work is the only way to...

Self-Portrait after 911

Self-Portrait after 911

Here is another one of a kind print from the early 2000s.  This is a self portrait taken with my old Mimaya TLR (twin lens reflex):  the film slipped when advanced.  I would get many frames that overlapped (a precursor to the pinhole images I do today).  The camera...

Janet and Jess

Janet and Jess

I wanted to make a new Home page and have my website open up to it.  But alas, my template will not allow it.  Might have to change, but in the meantime what I wanted to do on the home page was offer one item for sale each week.  This week it is an old school contact...