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Featured image:  Stanley Ave South and South Albro

I have been working since 2013 on a project called NightTime. These images were all made within the neighborhood where I live near the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.  The neighborhood  is a mixture of industrial and residential structures, full of train yards, factories, overpasses, trailers, small homes and beautiful gardens.  Situated at the end of Boeing Field, it endures an enormous amount of truck, train  and airplane traffic.  In 2014,  the Argo Yard Bridge, connecting the neighborhood to downtown Seattle via Airport Way was closed for reconstruction for about 18 months.  It was a time of heavy construction on the bridge mixed with greatly reduced truck traffic along the streets.  Georgetown was  in the throes of change.  My photographs try to capture both that change and the historical nature of the area.

At night Georgetown is alive.  The freeway, the train yards, the Duwamish River and Boeing Field create the four edges of the neighborhood.   These edges hum with noise and movement, yet there is solitude to be found on the tracks after trains pass, in the alleys after planes land and on the streets when the trucks are silent.

The Nighttime images are a work in progress.  This portfolio will continue to evolve and change, just as Georgetown has done.  The images are printed  in an edition of 10/15 x 10 inches.   All images are shot with low ISO, long exposure digital capture and printed on rag paper with archival inks.   Please inquire about print availability, size and pricing.  Please see the blog for updates about this portfolio:  ten of these images were in the viewing drawers of Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, Oregon during 2016.  They were shown at Gallery 110 in Seattle for the month of September, 2017.


Pinholes from Civita di Bagnoregio (a portfolio)

I lived in Civita di Bagnoregio for 32 days from mid-November into December of 2019.  I received  a fellowship from the Civita Institute to photograph the old Etruscan hilltop town with my pinhole cameras.  I took my 120 film pinhole camera (the "Zero"), my 4 x 5 inch...

Innards: Pinhole Landscapes

I have posted a lot of these images before but now I am hopeful that I can make them into a portfolio and put it up on this website.  Here is the statement that I have written about these images: The images in this collection are made on color negative film,...

FIREWORKS: 2007-2009

I photographed people with fireworks for the three years along the Duwamish River in Seattle on the Fourth of July.  Initially I was interested in the time exposure, to see just how much I could blend and blur the fireworks, people and the light to create a workable...