Paradise is a Road Trip

I took a week and flew to San Francisco and then drove up to the Lost Coast with a friend, a master of the road trip.  The featured image for this post is a pinhole image, made by duct taping a camera to the back seat headrest.  It is only a five day exposure and could use months more, but the trip had to end and so did the exposure.  We hid two other  pinholes on the  Coast and if they survive for six months, they will need to be retrieved and scanned.  If found accidentally, I left a little plea not to open, to search the internet for The Pinhole Project  and hopefully then  preserve the camera.    I love the idea of putting out the cameras for  extended periods of time, no way to know whether they will make it six months.    The experience has taught me much about placing the cameras for the long term and how niches are best, protected from the weather, subtle little corners no one will notice.   The key is flexibility and believing in the happy accident.

I alsFromWhisperRidgeo photographed on this trip with my  trusty dslr and a 4 x 5 pinhole camera that was loaded with color negative film. Here  is a dslr image taken from the exact spot as the 4 x 5 pinhole, up on Prosper Road.  Stay tuned for the comparison, the film has yet to be developed.  One important difference will be in the amount of time both images were exposed:   the pinhole had an exposure of about 90 seconds, and the dslr exposure was only 1/20 of a second.   The wind was blowing straight in from the ocean. Very energetic and very tranquil at the same time.   It will be interesting to see which exposure does justice to this magnificent view. The fog rolled in and laid down on the hills, said a big screw you to me as though a little fog could talk me out of taking a picture.  I photographed until the light was gone.  Incredibly beautiful spot, and I do not begin to believe that I have done it justice. But am grateful for the opportunity to try.