PCNW Presents:  10 Photographers

PCNW Presents: 10 Photographers

I am honored to be chosen as part of the Seattle’s Photographic Center Northwest, PCNW Presents program.  They have selected ten photographers to represent for the next two years and will be showing the work in the gallery where people can  buy it.   This is a big first for me, to have gallery representation in my hometown,  and I am humbled and grateful.  And I am  in very good company with the likes of Jenny Riffle, (http://www.jennyriffle.com/) and Glenn Rudolph (http://www.glennrudolph.com/), both amazing  NW photographers.  Others include Sylvia Plachy, a photographer I have admired since the 1980’s.    For more detailed information on all the  photographers, go to http://pcnw.org/exhibitions/pcnw-presents/  Over the next few months the two photographs below  will be  hanging in the gallery.  Stop by and take a look and also visit the show in the main gallery,   Well Read:  Visual Explorations of the Book.   It will make you think differently about books in general.

I have taught at PCNW for the last seven years and have always said that it is the heart and soul of photography in Northwest. I love teaching my ten week class at night:  an  introduction  to the DSLR and “serious” digital photography.  I think there is still room in the Monday night class that starts in January.   And I will post whenever the PCNW Presents photographers have work on the wall.  Stay tuned.

Featured image for this post  Georgetown Backyards from the Albro Bridge, 2014  One of my newest night photographs, captured with a DSLR this year.

The two images below while both night photographs were each captured differently.  The top image, The Road to Grant’s 50th, is a digital capture made with  a DSLR.  The image below is made on color negative film, exposed in a pinhole camera.  Despite the differences in capture, they have many  similarities that may or may not come through on the computer screen.  All the more reason to go to the gallery!


Title: The Road to Grant’s 50th, 2012
Print Size: 22” x 15” Frame Size: 22” x 28”
Print Type: Digital Capture Printed on Crane’s Portfolio Rag Paper with Archival Inks


Due West:  Lost Coast of California

Title: Due West: Lost Coast, California, 2013
Print Size: 22” x 15” Frame Size: 22” x 28”
Print Type: C-41 color negative film exposed in a 4 x 5 inch pinhole camera;  Negative scanned and printed on Crane’s Portfolio Rag Paper with Archival Ink