Helping with the Harvest, 1985, South Dakota


I don’t know why I have taken so many self-portraits or what meaning they might have as photographs. But I have been taking them steadily since I first started out as a photographer in 1978.  Many of them were/are reactions to conscious or unconscious stimuli, moments presented when the camera was ready. Others were set-ups, experiments with equipment and/or printing processes, attempting new techniques.   And some were made out of reflex and habit to satisfy the urge to click the shutter, not to make any type of statement.

Self-portraiture confuses me.  Like many people, I rarely like a photograph of myself and feel self-conscious when a camera is pointed my way. I would much rather take responsibility for making my own image and the consequences incumbent upon it.  As I edit the self-portraits, I try to forget that these are in fact photographs of me and choose images that I like, that are able to stand alone. I continue to make self-portraits and will post new ones as they are made.  These images were made with a wide variety of cameras and printing techniques.  Some are one of a kind and have been sold.  Many were printed from black and white negatives and are available in limited edition silver gelatin prints.  Many are current digital based images and are available in editions of 15.  If interested, please inquire about pricing and availability.