Some More Pinholes from Civita

Some More Pinholes from Civita

Well, I have been working steadily on all the images from Civita.  So many I do not know what is good and what is not any more.  I would like to add at least  10 more images so I can get around 25 uploaded and make a portfolio.  What have I learned so far?

  1.  My scanner is dusty.  I spend a lot of time cleaning it and getting rid of dust on the files.  I love working with Photoshop and really do not mind the dust.  It is a way to zoom in to about 300 percent and look at all the details.  It makes me homesick for Civita.  But in order for it to be good photograph, for me, the dust has to go.
  2. I love the exaggerated color.  It is so powerful this color.  I am not enhancing in Photoshop.  There is no need to.  And while in this surreal place, the colors did pop out and make me stop sometimes and catch my breath.
  3. I need to return to Civita in a different season.  In the winter when I was there, a big fog hovered over us.  That mixed with rain, made colors pop.  A different season will mean different light.  I would love to see how the evening light looks on film..

Of course I have learned so many things working on this project other than the three items above  For example a question I am seeking the answer to:  What makes a good diptych?  How does one shoot to ensure that what you get is what you saw?  There are many more questions to be answered but this is not the place.

I feel incredibly lucky to have these images.  I am often surprised by them and do not think that they were made by me.  But I did this, I took these images.  People have asked me, why take photographs that are jumbled together and not “real”.  They are not always easy to look at I understand that sentiment.  But they are also different than the millions of other photographs taken of this touristy place. The fact is that they are very real.  Everyone who knows this place, Civita, will recognize the streets, the cliffs, the buildings, the church, the fog. I did my best to simply take photographs as I saw them.  Thanks for looking.



The featured image is the entrance to the tunnel that runs under Civita.

Other possible titles:

  1.  Etruscan Caves
  2. Street View
  3. San Donato #5
  4. Lone Cypress
  5. Street View, Landscape and Tiled Roofs
  6. From the Garbage Storage Area
  7. Apartments
  8. Cats
  9. San Donato Disappears
  10. Gate and Street on the Edge
  11. The Valley and the Tunnel Entrance
  12. Fog in the Valley from the Santa Maria Gate (Single Image)