The Pinhole Project Has Its Own  Website

The Pinhole Project Has Its Own Website

I  am happy to announce that the Pinhole Project now has its own website .  It went live about a week ago and it is still   far from being complete.  Over the last three years, we have collected about 3000 images from eager and enthusiastic pinhole photographers all over the world.  As you know, these images are all long exposure, in small metal tins, exposed for at least 3 weeks sometimes much longer.  I am gratified and humbled by the response and always look forward to opening that tin, seeing the negative and making the scan.  The pinhole archive on this site will soon come down and all those images will be transferred over  to the new site which has a search box, so users can search their name to find where their image is on the site.  While this is a major improvement, there are still some snags to be worked out with that search mechanism.  Bear with us, because I think it is more important to be live while the snafus get worked out that to not be live at all. I will now dedicate  to my personal photography and that is all!    The Pinhole Project site will not contain any of my recent pinhole work unless it is an image that is specifically done for the Project.  I plan to use the to celebrate the work of all those pinhole photographers who trust in a tiny metal tin with a hole punched in it, and tend their cameras for long periods of time, sometimes coming back right at the end to find the pinhole bandit has come in his/her stealthy way and taken the camera  down.

Please visit and enjoy all the beautiful images there.  And come back often because each week more images will be  added and soon all 3000 will be up.  Oh and don’t forget to put up a camera.  The winter months are dark and exposures take a long time!

Here are a few images to refresh your memory about just how fantastic this type of imagery is.  Top image is by Greg Staley, made in Maryland, the bottom is by Eric Riedel, made in Washington.



Featured Image:  Johanna Mendelsohn, two hole pinhole camera.