FIREWORKS:  2007-2009

FIREWORKS: 2007-2009

I photographed people with fireworks for the three years along the Duwamish River in Seattle on the Fourth of July.  Initially I was interested in the time exposure, to see just how much I could blend and blur the fireworks, people and the light to create a workable image.  Reviewing the work after the first year, I realized it was the people surrounded by the light and the fireworks that really interested me. I wasn’t making portraits per se but photographs about people  who moved like dancers, within  an atmosphere that was mysterious, intriguing and ultimately unsettling. Shooting these events, I felt like I was in a war zone that was dangerous and at the same time,  incredibly beautiful.  These images were made with digital capture and printed on 17 x 11 inch rag paper with archival inks.   They are available from the artist in a limited edition of 25.  Please contact me for information on pricing and edition availability.