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I wanted to make a new Home page and have my website open up to it.  But alas, my template will not allow it.  Might have to change, but in the meantime what I wanted to do on the home page was offer one item for sale each week.  This week it is an old school contact sheet, silver gelatin, single weight paper of two sets of negatives printed together that my daughter Jess and I took in about 1994 with my old Mamiyaflex TLR.  We had a deal:  when I shot a photograph of her, she got to shoot one me.  In this case, I shot a whole roll of her and she shoot a whole roll of me.  I never made prints from this because I loved the sheet so much.  It shows a little wear and tear because it has been hanging, unmatted on a wall for the last 20+ years.  I have decided to offer it for sale for one week for $200.00, un-matted and unframed.  It is backed on a piece of rag paper 11 x 14 inches and will look lovely framed.  The contact sheet is 8 x 10 inches.  There is only one of these!  And I won’t make another silver gelatin print of it.  If you are interested go to my shop and buy it.  You can pick directly from me and save shipping costs or I am happy to ship it.  You can pay through pay-pal.  This contact sheet is part of the portfolio, Kid Pictures, a 20 year documentation of my daughter and other kids growing up.  Thanks for reading and for your interest.  Help me pay my bills!

Another post on selling photography

As most of you know I fell seven feet from the top of a ladder the other day and broke my hip.  Boy does it ever hurt and recovery is both expensive and slow.  My website manager extraordinaire,  Angela Prosper has convinced me that selling my work is the only way to...

Self-Portrait after 911

Self-Portrait after 911

Here is another one of a kind print from the early 2000s.  This is a self portrait taken with my old Mimaya TLR (twin lens reflex):  the film slipped when advanced.  I would get many frames that overlapped (a precursor to the pinhole images I do today).  The camera...

More on the Shunpike Storefront in South Lake Union

The storefont lives on.  Originally I placed five cameras in the Storefront window looking out to the so called view.  Not a great view but the cameras did make photographs.  I had two two-hole cameras, an altoid tin, my favorite square camera, an array of nine small...