Halloween, 1989


I made these images of the Red Hook section of Brooklyn when I lived there for 10 years from 1981-1991.  I wasn’t consciously trying to make a statement about the this dilapidated area, I just photographed what unfolded before me as I walked the neighborhood  with my dog, Willie.  Having grown up on Puget Sound, I loved the waterfront and its impact on the neighborhood. The open spaces, vacant lots, wild dogs, rundown buildings, and the strong beautiful light became important elements in my work. I photographed almost every day,  exploring  the area with my neighbor and friend, Maureen McNeil. Over time, I began to collect portraits of the people who lived and worked there, architectural details, and landscapes of the waterfront and the streets.  Now, 20-plus years later, these images have become an historical record of an area that has changed dramatically.  Maureen McNeil and I published a book titled Red Hook Stories with her short stories about the neighborhood and my photographs.  Here is a link to further information about that book.  https://www.janetneuhauser.com/the-red-hook-archive

All images in this portfolio are scanned 35mm negatives printed on Canson Rag Photographique 310 paper with archival inkjet inks.  Prints are 14 x  9.5 inches on 17 x 14 inch paper in an edition of 25.  All images are available for purchase from the photographer and from Kentler Gallery.   Please inquire about editions and pricing. Vintage silver gelatin prints of certain images are available upon request.